Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Να από τι θα κρεμαστώ αυτό το φθινόπωρο...

Step back, stay away from me
Can't you respect that I only need my peace
These days I'm too weak to see
These days I'm all about me
I don't want to talk this out
Cause there are certain things we don't need to talk about
The silence in between will let you know what I mean
And each time I try to escape
I pray to go not to let me fake
And to take my doubts away
There are days where I would love to be somebody else
Days where I am fighting myself
There are days where I wish I could be a child again
And sometimes days where I wish they wouldn't last
Days where I wish I would be dead....

Τη λένε Ayo...
Γεννημένη στη Γερμανία, κάτοικος Παρισίων με μπαμπά από τη Νιγηρία και μαμά Τσιγγάνα ηχογράφησε το πρώτο της δισκάκι στη Νέα Υόρκη. Αυτά τα ολίγα ξέρω, αυτά και μ' αφορούν καθώς και τα 50 λεπτάκια που γελάει, κλαίει, ερωτεύεται και μελαγχολεί στα ηχεία μου.

Situation could be much better
much better than today
you know that you could do much better
much better than you do today
but how come you never try to change situation
how come you always escape out of a serious conversation
dont't you know it can't never be too late for us to succeed
out of every misery you can be released
as long as you believe

Help is coming
As long as you believe
Help is coming
For us to be released
For us to be released

Βρε λες..;

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αλίκη said...

Δεν είναι σχόλιο, αλλά παράκληση, θα μπορούσες να μου το αντιγράψεις?