Sunday, July 01, 2007

Be on your own

Υπάρχουν κάτι οργισμένα ξεσπάσματα στα τραγούδια που σε ρίχνουν στα γόνατα. Μέσα από σουρεάλ αντιδράσεις κολλάει το ένα στο άλλο και φτιάχνεις τη δική σου συμπαντική αρμονία.

Το θυμό του παρακάτω τραγουδιού τον ζηλεύω αφάνταστα, αν μη τι άλλο :

(1)για την τεράστια δύναμη του χαμένου.

(2)Για το "άντε και γαμήσου" της τελευταίας σταγόνας υπομονής

(3)για την πληγή που είναι παράσημο

Be on your own.

You’ve’ always talked about your need to travel,

Now go off, unravel on your own.

Go find some restaurant attendant,

Go show her how independent you have grown.

Go on...

Be on your way.

There’s not a single reason i can find

To make me want to keep you one more day.

There isn’t any sort of word that you could say.

There isn’t any sort of price that you could pay.

There isn’t any sort of magic

To avoid this tragi-comic little play

We need to play

Be on your way.

Go on...

No need to carry out this masquerade

When all that we’re about’s begun to fade.

I set you free.

There’s not much longer to complain,

I’ll soon relieve you of your pain

When I set you free.

If that is all you wish to have, then I agree.

No need for thanks, your just rewards will be my


Go off and live your petty fictions

Full of blatant contradictions you can’t see,

And what will be

Is that you’ll leave,

And you’ll take with you all you own

From a to z

... And all of me.

Luisa exits through the audience. For the first time in the

show, Guido is alone on stage.

Hamlet cries: Maury Yeston - Be on Your Own


Y.K.M.T. said...

se vriskw telika ki edw...omorfa!

Jirashimosu said...

kalws mas vrikes!
vevaia kalokairi edw opws katalaves den paizei...

Y.K.M.T. said...

gi auto kanoume parea