Monday, November 23, 2009


“‘Be On Your Own’ is a song that made me very proud when I wrote it the first time,” Yeston admitted. “It always had a wonderful and scathing effect on stage, but, as I have said, you need action in a film. Film is far more literal and far more specific than a stage show. No matter how detailed the set of a stage show is, it could never be as detailed as actually being in an actual place in a movie. You see the details of every room, you see the props, you see the lights. You are meant to accept this as literally the real world, whereas in theatre we give you a white tile set or a unit set in the abstract and we ask you to use your imagination. Because film is more literal, you really do have to go farther out on a limb to become theatrical.”

Ο Μaury Yeston εξηγεί τους λόγους για τους οποίους σκότωσε έναν αθώο jirashimosu στερώντας από το Nine το βασικότερο λόγο που θα το έκανε ένα από τα πιο συγκινητικά δώρα της φετινής χρονιάς.

Για την ιστορία (και την τραγική ειρωνεία) , έτσι ανακοίνωσα το Nine λίγους μήνες πριν:

Luisa whispers

Και ιδού η σαχλαμάρα που το αντικατέστησε:

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