Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Young Nudes

Oh Inanna, Inanna you are holy!
You have filled the land with venom,
and in between your armpits you gave birth,
before we slipped out of adolescence.

Angel may you thrive through your will to survive!

Take this hand and stitch it - I just want to touch you,
i did not ask you to save me.
I wrap myself in your flesh. You don't know what I am,
hiding from my friends inside you.

I have my sight set to a group of drunks,
and these fumes are starting to choke me.
Casual sex and permanent guilt
forever and ever and ever!

Sexuality is embarrassing.

Take this life and keep it. You know how to fix it.
Let me bath in your condolence.
Shape this jaded torso. Cut off everything
I did not want to see this!

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